Our story

We believe that when business and lifestyle combine, everything changes. There is no greater challenge then running a business on your own and those who take the leap deserve the lifestyle and success they dream of.

You know that feeling you get when an idea pops into your mind and you have that lightbulb moment where you know what you want to achieve? For us, that was over 20 years ago and it was based purely on the desire to create success for individuals in business from the grass roots.

Solo & Smart is the result of working with thousands of self-employed rock stars across all industries and distilling down the core systems that have created success in their businesses.

Our beliefs


We are always responsible, accountable and have integrity for our actions.


We are always learning, we are always adapting and we are determined to improve.


Success requires discipline, balance and fortitude.

Our community

We are a community of individuals, people who share a common goal and strive for success in all its forms. Together, we are a tribe of over 2 million people working and producing results that mean something.

Being self-employed means more than just being our own boss, it means we have the ability to make a difference on our own terms. We are the doers, the innovators, the thinkers and the creators. We have passion, motivation and determination.

Patrick and the team driving Solo & Smart share a passion and desire to change the narrative for the self-employed in Australia. Our vision is to dramatically change the success rate of the self-employed through a simple and structured approach to business.

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