Master The Keys to Being
Your Own Boss

31 May, 3pm – 5pm

Vivid Ideas Exchange

Level 6, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

140 George St

The Rocks, NSW 2000

Empowering Self-Employment – The 5 Key Stages to Being Your Own Boss

For anyone dreaming of escaping the traps of employment to pursue a more inspired path, this event will speak to you. Whether you have an existing business you want to level-up and grow, or you’re looking to step out on your own and start a new venture, ‘Master The Keys to Being Your Own Boss’ will leave you inspired to use the plethora of tricks and strategies you’ll walk away with.

This panel event is presented by four seasoned entrepreneurs with decades of experience starting and growing successful businesses in the creative arts, technology, marketing, innovation, law and creative ideation.

What you’ll gain

Learn from first-hand accounts of the wins, losses, mistakes and successes from those who live and breathe the daily realities of business and entrepreneurship. Leveraging the panels’ wisdom and experience, you’ll gain insights into:

  • How to avoid overwhelm to start a business quickly and easily
  • Overcoming the fear of stepping out on your own
  • Creating the right systems for lead generation
  • Stepping outside your comfort zone to sell yourself effectively
  • Identifying the most powerful tools for attracting and retaining clients
  • How to structure and prioritise your online strategy
  • Set the right goals to realise meaningful and sustained growth
  • Manage your revenue to avoid cash-flow headaches
  • Navigating and surviving cashflow highs and lows.

Who this event is for

  • Existing business owners looking to scale and level-up
  • Freelancers and sole traders
  • Corporate escapees looking for more freedom
  • Anybody considering self-employment as a pathway to more freedom, creativity autonomy (as a freelancer, sole-trader or with the view to build a more sizeable business)

Format and topics

  • Live 2-hour panel event – presented by four speakers
  • Exploration of the 5 key steps to success:
    1. Getting Started
    2. Making Money
    3. Achieving Results
    4. Revenue Management
    5. Tracking Your Progress
  • Q&A session on conclusion – ask the speakers your burning questions!


Simon Banks

Simon Banks: Artist, Author, Speaker, MC and Director of VisualFunk

The passion to create a more creative world is what drives Simon in all his work, as an accomplished artist, international speaker and MC, author and Director of VisualFunk. The convergence of his background as an artist and his extensive experience in the corporate world is what enables him to inspire organisations to think in more creative and innovative ways, through his innovation ‘hackathon’ events. Simon has a unique ability to ignite wildly creative thinking with real commercial application. As a sought-after speaker, Simon has delivered more than 1200 events globally. He has also exhibited as an artist in Australia and London and written ‘A Thousand Little Lightbulbs – How to Kickstart a Culture of Innovation in Your Organisation’.

Kat Haigh

Kat Haigh: Marketing Consultant and Founder of GrowthSprout

After a successful marketing career of 10 years, Kat took the leap from the corporate world to full-time self-employment. Having launched many successful side-businesses throughout her corporate career, she is no stranger to start-ups and entrepreneurship. Kat now uses her in-depth knowledge as a business and marketing coach. Through GrowthSprout and The Entrepreneur Assembly, she helps her clients grow their own businesses through specialised programs addressing everything from marketing theory, sales, money and time management, mindset, goal setting and managing client relationships. Having worked in over 13 countries in the last 18 months, generating over $40K in revenue a month with no employees, she has truly mastered self-employment and the freedom it allows.

Patrick Harrison

Patrick Harrison: Director, Solo & Smart

Patrick is the founder and Director of Solo & Smart, an online app designed for small business owners and sole-traders enabling them to easily automate and manage business admin and money management. With a healthy sense of wanderlust after travelling the world extensively before going into business for himself, Patrick has always been driven by a strong desire to create a life of freedom and flexibility and to pursue professional growth on his own terms through self-employment. Since establishing Solo & Smart 16 years ago, Patrick has worked with over 4000 self-employed individuals, helping them to amplify their success through a simple and structured approach to business. Patrick and his team are driven by a singular, common vision to change the narrative for the self-employed in Australia and dramatically increase the success rate of small businesses and sole traders.

Sarah Thapa

Sara Thapa, Founder and Director of The Migration Agency

Sarah Thapa is a great corporate escapee success story. After practicing as a corporate commercial lawyer for over 10 years in various countries around the world, she applied her extensive experience in international business and globalisation to establish The Migration Agency. Based in Australia and New Zealand, The Migration Agency combines strong commercial acumen with immigration expertise to help clients grow and drive innovation through global talent. Sara also advises various industry bodies in start-up, FinTech and MedTech on immigration and mobility issues. She is also an expert contributor to several HR publications and media and business chambers.

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