Patrick Harrison


Patrick has a love of small business and thrives on helping business owners to amplify their success through a simple and structured approach to business. He has a knack for finding the obstacles that block growth and developing systems to overcome them.

Through the innovative systems developed by Patrick and his team, they have helped thousands of small business owners around Australia to take control of their passions through self-employment. He holds a belief that anyone can craft the lifestyle they deserve and there has never been a better time to be in business for yourself.

Patrick has a view that we should never stop learning and applying new knowledge to all aspects of our lives. He enjoys the challenges that comes with learning and has university degrees in both business and law, while always taking on personal and professional development projects.

The ideal lifestyle for Patrick means working hard to achieve your goals intermixed with plenty of time to switch off, connect with family and friends and enjoy your hobbies. His perfect holiday is spending a few weeks camping by the coast while enjoying time with family and friends surfing, fishing, cooking and free-diving.

He believes that self-employed business owners are critical to the success of our country and they should be encouraged, supported and nurtured to build thriving businesses.

Patrick Harrison Profile

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